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June 2006



What’s your least favorite Cubs team in your lifetime?

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With today’s 6-2 drubbing at the hands of the best baseball team in Chicago, our Cubs stand at 29-50. For me this has been the most miserable Cubs season of my lifetime. I was born in ’71 and probably didn’t become aware of standings until probably 1982 or ’83, so I’m counting the last 25 years.

It’s just awful this season; we can’t hit, can’t pitch, can’t play defense, and there’s little hope around the bend.
We can hope the Trib will sell to a passionate, knowledgeable owner, but we can also hope Prior will heal magically, that Neifi follows the Kevin Elster career path, that Pierre becomes the “li’l menace” he once was, that Ronny Cedeno runs full speed into Ozzie Smith in an airport one day and their DNA gets mixed up, that the Yankees give us Cano, Wang, Johnny Damon, and Rivera for Kerry Wood, and that Ramirez stops disappearing when we need him most.
My plan is to shrug my shoulders and let these Drubs play out the string, not spending a red f’ing cent on the Cubs until they get a sustained-success organizational approach which everyone in the organization buys into.
For right now, I’ll keep close tabs on what’s shaping up to be the worst season as a Cubs fan in my life. What’s yours? ’69? ’77? ’85? ’90? ’94? ’95? ’99? ’04? Which one stunk the most for you?