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Former Cubs prospect takes Prior to school

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Today’s action featured two pitchers who have spent quite a bit of time on the disabled list – I remember Geremi (then spelled Jeremi) as a hard-throwing Cubs prospect with a potentially high ceiling. Then along came the arm injuries and the Cubs decided to cut their losses and Gonzalez went elsewhere. Today he came back to Wrigley and showed Mark Prior how to pitch effectively in Wrigley Field, something Prior has apparently forgotten how to do.

Granted, Prior had 9 K’s and it’s nice to see a Cubs pitcher mow down the opposing side. However, in 5 2/3 innings he also gave up 8 hits, 4 walks and one homerun and that just ain’t gonna cut it. This Cubs team needs wins the same way a recovering addict needs days of sobriety, and Prior’s starts have thusfar have had the same effect as relapses. Today’s loss moves Prior to 0-3 with a 9.00 ERA; if he is “making strides” as claimed in it’s wrapup, I didn’t see it. I saw a pitcher who was defeated rather decisively and could have been beaten worse.

Next up are the White Sox – I’m really looking forward to this series, if only to see what happens when AJ Pierzynski has to face Carlos Zambrano. I look for Michael Barrett to swing a hot bat, beyond that what happens is anybody’s guess.

Dusty-o-Meter: 84 games left
Hendry-o-Meter: 408 games left