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Well what do ya know

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Today the Cubs reversed a trend and snatched victory from the jaws of defeat (instead of vice versa.) Marmol looked very strong, striking out seven and he held the opposing team to one earned run, which was given up after he had left the game. But what really made the game enjoyable was the two homers by Pierre and Lee and the five-run rally that put the game away. Too often we have seen the Cubs squander chances (although they did some of that today as well) and they’ve lacked the ability to hit in clusters. Dempster came in and closed the game out as well; I don’t agree with Dusty’s decision there but Dusty’s a lame duck anyway.

Tomorrow Mark Prior takes the mound for a 1:20 start that’s being televised on WGN. I’ll be watching very closely to see if it’s the Mark Prior from the first game, or the Mark Prior from the second game that’s pitching.

Dusty-o-Meter: 85 games left
Hendry-o-Meter: 409 games left