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June 2006



Make it five in a row

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So what should we do, trade the whole team? This isn’t a “team,” it’s a grouping of players. True, the manager doesn’t pitch and he doesn’t catch, throw or hit. But what do you do when you have a systemnic breakdown? What do you do when your manager continuously makes bad lineup choices, when he can’t inspire the team or teach them to play fundamental baseball? What do you do when you have a hitting coach that knows nothing about hitting or a pitching coach that doesn’t know the first thing about pitching? What about a GM who has one good year and then takes his team (including the minors) on to failure?

This Cubs team will find a way to lose games. Besides firing MacFail, Hendry and Baker, Gene Clines and Larry Rothschild need to get the heave-ho too. The sooner the better; Hendry today gave Dusty his usual vote of confidence and I’m sure that Andy would give his if asked. The Cubs are now on pace for a .368 winning percentage – the worst Cubs team ever earned a .364. We are witnessing history.

Dusty-o-Meter: 86 games left
Hendry-o-Meter: 410 games left