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Game 73: Post-game musings

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Dusty-o-Meter: T minus 89 games and counting
Hendry-o-Meter: T minus 413 games and counting

Recently the Cubs haven’t been playing so well and you can only bake the same cake so many times. So I’ve refrained from commenting much on the current state of the Cubs, unless of course it has been to let off some steam and “get it out.” But there’s a few things that I saw tonight that were noteworthy.

First of all, I was impressed by Prior’s performance. I’ve been watching him like a hawk because I’m still suspicious about that shoulder. Today he hit 94 on the gun (which is where he historically has topped out at) and I thought he pitched very effectively. He was very tuned-in during the fifth inning when he got in trouble and the pitch he got Pinto on was pure Powder River.

It was sad to see Womack carried off the field, I hope he gets well soon. The Cubs must DL him because they are playing with a 24 man roster, 12 of whom are pitchers. That leaves only 4 guys on the bench – the Cubs must make a roster move if Womack can’t play tomorrow. No If’s and’s or but’s.

Lee got to take some cuts for AAA Iowa, he’s scheduled to take some more tomorrow as Iowa’s DH. I’d like to see Lee rehab some more because Nevin is hitting well and Lee is going to need the practice. He also has to build up his flexibility and strength or he could hurt the joint and we sure don’t need that!

Word is that Dusty’s soured on the idea of using Marmol as a starter – he prefers him as a long relief guy. My guess is that they’ll go with Guzman on Thursday against Milwaukee. I am not opposed to this; in fact the Cubs should plan on using Marmol AND Guzman every fifth day. If one gets in trouble, bring in the other, let’s let these two guys duel for the fifth spot. We don’t need to trade any more Ricky Nolascos, the Cubs need to use the rest of this off-year to make some decisions and develop young talent.

Speaking of “developing” I’d like to see Bob Brenly given the reins on this team a soon as possible – I’d like to see what Uncle Bob can do with this exact roster. This will give the Cubs a relatively unbiased view of what they’ve got and take management out of the equation. It will cost the Cubs roughly $1.7M to eat the rest of Dusty’s salary but they’re already under budget for the year.

It saddens me to say that that Cubs fans have a lot more to endure; given the Cubs current winning percentage of .378 the team is on pace to finish 61-101. The last team to equal that feat was the 1966 team.