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June 2006



Time for a Realignment

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I was talking to Chris Yarbrough yesterday before the game and he mentioned that he felt the Cubs had a 1% chance of winning the game against J. Santana. I told him that I gave them a 0% chance and that it was time for us to realign with a new team. We both joked about it a little, but then joking turned to seriousness. I mentioned that I would never give up the Cubs because the second I did, they would win it all and I would feel sheepish. Instead, what I need is a backup team. An AL team that I can turn to in times of frustration and get some relief. So, with that being said, we have both decided to choose a new team to follow for the remainder of the season. My team is the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. With that being said, I know there are a ton of questions flying through your mind so here is the FAQ for the new idea.

How could you abandon the Cubs? You’re a fair weather fan.

I’m not abandoning the team. I will still have the Cubs as my first love. I’ve just grown very jaded toward their management, style of play, and constant ignorant fans that continue to pack the park despite a crappy product on the field. I’m simply drinking a fresh batch of kool aid from another team. That’s all. As far as me being a fair weather fan, isn’t that when you turn to a team that is actually winning?

Why the Devil Rays? Going from losing to more losing?

I know it doesn’t seem logical, but there are a few reasons that I chose the Rays.
1) I couldn’t bring myself to choose and NL team and cheer against the Cubs
2) I couldn’t stay up to watch the AL west
3) I can’t cheer for the White Sox, Yankees, Red Sox, or Royals
That left me with 6 teams to choose from so I chose Tampa due to the Durham Bulls being 45 min from the house and the great core of young players on their team. Plus, can you really go wrong with a manager that wears nerd glasses? I think not.

So, my hope is that I can follow some of the Bulls games and hopefully secure a press pass to interview some future rays like Delmon Young and B.J. Upton.

Will you blog about the Rays?

Yes, in fact, I set up a separate blog called Rays of Light just yesterday. I would love for you all to come with me on this journey for the rest of the season. The Devil Rays, while not a power house team are an exciting team to watch. They have some young players like Carl Crawford, Gomes, and Baldelli that are exciting to watch.

On a side note, if you don’t use a blog reader to keep up with blogs, you’re missing out. Go to Bloglines and set it up. It’s super easy and will save you a TON of clicking at sites that are not updated frequently.

Will you stop posting about the Cubs?

Nope, not at all. Since I have a great staff of writers here on the site, It allows me to focus on my son this summer and posting when I have something to say. I’ll still have plenty to criticize and comment on as this season wears down. With a Dusty Baker firing close at hand, it’s only just begun for me and my writing on this site.

So that’s it. Cubs, and now the Rays. Two seasons of losing but a whole lot of fun. Give the Rays a chance and head over to the new site. If nothing else, just give it a look and comment on the layout / color scheme, which i’m very happy with.