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June 2006



Ozzie Campanis?

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As most of you know, a little tete-a-tete has been brewing on the South Side. As we Northsiders are left to consider the incompetence of a manager who quietly chews toothpicks as his team’s season dwindles away, our South Side brethren are now being ‘faced’ by their erstwhile savior. While many of us respect the job that Guillen has done bringing the Sox to baseball excellence, we must also recognize the fact that Ozzie is rapidly becoming an embarrassment to the city of Chicago as well as the White Sox.

I remember watching as a young man when Ted Koppel interviewed Al Campanis. Koppel even called a break so that he could tell Campanis what he just did and give him a chance to salvage his career. Unfortunately, like Ozzie the beliefs were part of his core personality, to deny them would in effect be a denial of who he was as a man. He could not run away from them any more than Dusty Baker could run away from his beliefs that black men and Latinos are more predisposed to warm weather.

I hope that Reinsdorf and Williams will at the very least call Ozzie out on this one. Bring him in behind closed doors and pin his ears back. Then call a press conference where the team can denounce the kinds of behavior that are turning the Cell into a two-ring circus. As for Ozzie, we knew that was your son you kissed Oz. In my family men never kissed on the lips but we realize there are cultural differences. Perhaps you can learn to understand America’s sensitivities too.