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June 2006



The gang that couldn’t shoot straight

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I love how the Cubs’ brass always minimizes the severity of injuries that Cubs players incur. Last year we were led to believe that Kerry Wood just required a little arthroscopy to “clean out” his shoulder area of some scar tissue; now we’re finding out that Kerry is having trouble due to the very same type of scar tissue. In fact, last year Kerry’s labrum was frayed and required three pins to keep the labrum in place. Said the Tribune’s Dave van Dyck recently in an article entitled “Wood’s and Miller’s injury: ‘Nothing minor about it'”: “Kerry Wood is coming off labrum surgery. So is Wade Miller…the sad truth is that neither likely has seen the end of his problems. If history is any guide, neither may be the same double-digit winner again…”

Van Dyck went on further to elaborate on the extent of shoulder injuries by quoting Slate writer Will Carroll: “If pitchers with torn labrums were horses, they’d be destroyed.” Since then Carroll has recanted somewhat in his dire comparison, but it is nonetheless clear that some pitchers are able to rebound from labrum surgery and to others it’s career-ending.

So first we find out that Wood didn’t need a little clean-up, he had a tear in his labrum. And now we’re finding out that Prior had a tear in his labrum and guess what – we went out on the free agent market and got another pitcher with labrum surgery! What ever happened to Jim Hendry’s interest in pitchers who had Tommy Johns?

The Tribune should act and compel the Cubs leadership to use the same standards of integrity that they hold their writers accountable to. It is also high time that someone over in Tribune Tower yell some sense into the Cubs’ brass about their apparent fascination with wounded pitchers. Let’s try getting some healthy ones, okay?


The Tribune is reporting that Kerry Wood’s season might be over.