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Get the Word Out

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It was just a matter of time. Got this e-mail last night. Normally I wouldn’t comply but desperate times call for desperate measures.

Is there any way you can pass the message below on in your blog? I’m new to this, and don’t have much time to get the word out. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I have just been contacted by fox tv. We will be in discussions tomorrow (thursday)regarding coverage of the protest. They are covering the game saturday and they want to cover the protest. Just showing up and helping us with the cause would really help, we’re not even going to the game, we’re just protesting the Tribune Co. in front of Wrigley (big red marquee) at 11:30am. We are protesting the lack of vision and forethought in putting a world series team together for the past 98years. 25 of it under tribune co. ownership! We still love the cubs, but we’re tired of the Tribune Co. taking us for granted. This is not a boycott, but instead, a protest. A peaceful one at that.

We want a team on the field that compares to the financial support us Cub fans have given the Trib. Co. for the past 25 years! If you have any other way to help out, let me know. Some will disagree with me and i respect your opinions, but this is my little effort for what it’s worth. Feel free to contact me for info.
Thanks for your support. Help spread the
word. Bill