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Dumb Things People Say

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The fish rots from the head, or so they say (I’m not getting close enough to a rotten fish to confirm it). Well, the Cubs are rotten, and Andy McPhail’s management style is definitely part of the problem, not the solution. As if to illustrate this for us, Andy was able to put his silver spoon down long enough on Monday night to give a quick state of the Cubs address. I’m not going to break his statement down word for word, since War already did an excellent job of that already. But there was one particular sentence that caught my eye:

“We need to get at full strength and have everybody play to their accustomed level and see how we go from there and find out how good we can be,” MacPhail said.

In other words, expect no accountability. And expect no changes in the way the team operates. There will be no major trades for a player that might pick up the slack while Derrek Lee is out (although it seems to be too late for that anyway) and there will be no major rebuilding. The 2006 Cubs are a sound team, with injuries the only major problem. The Cubs will proceed through this season, evaluate the current roster, make some relatively minor changes in the offseason, and be surprised when the same crap happens again in 2007. Thank you Andy McPhail, you are a true visionary.

And for a quick bonus “dumb things people say” here’s Dusty Baker commenting on how the Cubs issued 7 walks in yesterday’s game:

“We had a ton of walks, Baker said. You can’t walk people. You walk them, you’re asking for trouble.”

Now, this isn’t a dumb thing per se. But considering that Baker recognizes that it’s bad for his own pitching staff to issue walks, but doesn’t think it’s important for his own hitters to draw walks against opposing pitchers.

Oh, in other news, the Cubs lost to the Marlins 5-4 tonight, when Ryan Dempster blew the save in the 9th.

Prediction: If there are no changes in either team’s management personel, the Marlins will be a better team than the Cubs in 2 years.

I hope to take a more serious shot at answering the question posed by Mastrick later this week.

Why did I come back from vacation again?