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Box Score

Well that’s what today’s game was about and the Cubs’ players showed they had it. Respect for the game and themselves, they could have folded against a superior team but they showed spunk and vigor and deservedly won a game.

Jacque Jones is about to discover the good side of Wrigley – he’s about to come home to a hero’s welcome. From an offensive standpoint this guy is making it happen. Zambrano fought and scratched his way to a victory – his exchange with Ozzie and Pierzynski has me real curious. What was that all about? Sometimes I wonder if Carlos is part Klingon.

Tomorrow night the Cubs face former top prospect Ricky Nolasco, we gave him and others up for Juan Pierre. Rotoworld reports that Kerry Wood has soreness in his pitching shoulder and could miss his Tuesday start; Glendon Rusch is mentioned as a possible replacement. “It’s deja vu all over again” Hendry, why didn’t you do your job during the offseason?