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May 2006




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Okay it’s all over now except the shouting. I’ve had a chance to review footage of the Barrett/Pierzynski incident several times. The more I see it the more I’m compelled to say that both players should receive suspensions of equal length – Pierzynski for instigating and Barrett for reacting in an unsportsmanlike manner.

Even Barrett admits that the original hit was clean, what bothers me is how the Sox’ catcher lowers his shoulder into Barrett after the play just like a pulling guard would in football. It is unfortunate that Barrett reacted in an immature manner but it’s hard to imagine how I would respond in a similar situation.

Now the Cubs will lose their second-best hitter for several games. I hope that Barrett will show some character and apologize for his actions; Pierzynski has a questionable reputation and anybody that watches this incident can clearly see why. A normal ballplayer would have given Barrett a hand and pulled him up to his feet. But I’ve yet to hear anybody accuse AJ Pierzynski of having class. Hope you enjoy immortality AJ, your picture with Barrett ranks right up there with Robin Ventura’s photo op with Nolan Ryan.

Joe’s Take

Pierzynski’s Role – A.J., while I agree is easy to hate, plays aggressive baseball. I do not blame him for any of this fight and I actually would not even suspend him. If you watch the film, he went in hard, which any good baseball player in a rivalry better do. If you slide in that circumstance, you’re a pansy. Plain and simple. It’s not being a thug to barrel over a guy. The objective is to win. As far as the plate slap, who cares? In a moment of pure adrenaline like that, of course you’re going to have that release. That was perfectly fine. Then, he gets up, DOES NOT walk toward Barrett, Barrett simply grabs HIM. They exchange looks and Barrett clocks him. Where in that is A.J. an instigator? He’s not.

Barrett’s Role – You block the plate? Expect to get pounded!!!! Don’t come up and be a hot head. Barrett lost his cool and HE is the only player besides the ones off the bench that were involved that should be disciplined.

Feel free to disagree with me, but you’re wrong. =)