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Nats Avoid Sweep

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For awhile I fully expected to see him riding into Wrigley on the back of a donkey while children lay palm leaves in his path and the crowd chanting Hosannas from the stands. Though he didnít exactly get crucified by the Washington Nationals, Kerry Woodís Triumphal Return was rudely interrupted as the Prodigal Son (switching biblical metaphor here) got knocked around for 4 earned runs (3 home runs) in 5 innings and once again there just wasnít enough offense to erase a 5-0 deficit.

The bullpen did pretty well in the last 4 innings, tho Ohman delivered up another run.

Juan Pierre continues to struggle. 0 for 5. Ugh.

Most interesting commentary had to do with the importance of the Official Scorer. Brenly pointed out that it’s all a matter of perspective. As a player who might face arbitration, a hit here or there could make a difference, especially if as a pitcher it makes a difference on how many earned runs you have tagged against you. But as a manager, who cares? Only thing that matters is if the team won the game.

Speaking of the game, Neifiís good intentions of bunting for a base hit in the 9th was overshadowed by his inability to once again execute. Game over.