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May 2006



Winning isn’t everything…

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But it sure beats the heck out of losing. Amazing how much difference even one win makes. Cubs fans finally had a chance to scream and holler…and even ignore another bonehead baserunning blunder by Jacque Jones. Carlos Zambrano looked like Carlos Zambrano again and I saw a lot of line drives, even on outs. The Cubs still need a hitting instructor to teach them how to work counts though, Hernandez even managed one five-pitch inning for the Nationals.

BTW Jones is now hitting at a healthy clip, he’s sporting a .775 OPS and his trend is upward. Now he has to get his head back into the game when it comes to baserunning and hitting cutoff men.

Today’s Chicago Tribune poll shows that only 34% of Chicagoans favor Dusty’s immediate dismissal. In fact, Chicagoans seem to be evenly divided as to whether or not Dusty should be clipped now, given till the end of the season, or re-hired. This surprises me because Chicago is typically not a city that sits on the fence.