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Game 37 wrapup: Another stinker

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Today’s 9-0 loss was more bad music for Cubs fans. Except this orchestra is the creation of music director Jim Hendry and it’s conductor is Dusty Baker. There is no excuse for an entire ballclub to play poorly just as there is no excuse for an entire orchestra to perform badly. Either you can fire the entire second violin section, the bassists, all the woodwinds and the horns or you can hold the conductor and the guy who hires the musicians responsible for all the dissonant sounds. And not only is this orchestra out of tune, they keep a beat like a cop.

But this management will do nothing, winning is obviously not a very big priority for MacPhail and Hendry. They have thick skins – they’ll endure yet another bad season this year and again they’ll promise us the moon and include the stars for what they’ll do in 2007. And why should I expect anything different next year? The current regime of MacPhail, Hendry and Baker are taking away the only thing we’ve ever really had for sure as Cubs fans. Hope.