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Game 36 wrapup: Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory

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Okay Cubs fans, we did it again. Somehow we found another way to lose a ballgame – I can’t blame Ryan Dempster, he’s had 26 saves in a row. I can’t really blame anybody in particular for this terrible tailspin, some of our best players have stopped hitting as much, a rightfielder known for his defensive prowess forgets what a cutoff man is, a slick-fielding shortstop commits a mental error…

There’s a hundred excuses as to why this team is not playing winning baseball. You look at the lineup and they should at least be playing .500 baseball. I’m sure Dusty will put on his hang-dog face and give us at least ten good excuses why we lost this one; Dusty is always good for some excuses. Just once I’d like to see him admit that he’s the captain of the ship and his ship is foundering at sea. Just once I’d like to see him admit that the way the team is playing is unacceptable and will not be allowed further. But that’s not Dusty is it? Rather, Dusty will respond by throwing yet another pity party and juggling his lineup so that Neifi bats second.

The captain of this ship is a Captain Queeg, he’s more likely to retreat to the other side of the boat when the guns start blazing than take charge of his crew. Like Humphrey Bogart jiggling his steel marbles, Dusty just sits there impotently chewing on toothpicks as the ship takes on water. Methinks it is time for the captain to walk the plank.