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Game 34 wrapup: Yet another whuppin’

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As the Cubs were being drubbed by the San Francisco I conjured up an image of the Cubs’ front office as Jim Hendry (pictured at right) called around the league making things happen on behalf of the Cubs. I’ll tell ya, watching the Cubs this month has been a barrel of monkeys!

The game started poorly for me when I noticed that Dusty Baker had started John Mabry in the 5 hole and Murton, who was hitting 60 points higher at number 8. What could he have honestly been thinking, does this guy even look at the stats? Later in the game, after giving up 9 runs, Sean Marshall was shown sitting on the bench with his head in his hands. Totally dejected, probably depleted of any confidence that he might have acquired during his two victories. What is Dusty doing leaving any pitcher in for 9 runs? Doesn’t he want to win these games? Doesn’t he have the slightest idea after 6 runs that his pitcher doesn’t have his best stuff? Then Dusty got to doing what he does best, playing every single player on his bench. Not that winning or losing matters, mind you.

This week Dusty Baker proved his incompetence as a manager in front of the very fans that wished him well nearly four years ago. They watched their team take two out of three rather decisively from Dusty and his lowly Cubs. Cubs fans, however, seem likely to have to endure two more years of Mr. Toothpick. Like I said, there must be some kind of monkey business going on in the front office.