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Game 33 wrapup: She’s singin’!!

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Cubs win, Cubs win! I used to know a fantastic club entertainer back in the early 90s by the name of Tommy Riggs; he was known as “The Night Train” or “The Big Rigg” by many but I always knew him as “The Round Mound of Sound.” Tommy would have contended that it wasn’t over till the fatboy sang and he must have been wailing tonight – ‘hey hey, that’s what I’d say!’ Tommy passed in 2000, I sure miss that guy…

Tonight the Baseball Gods were finally with us – Z got into some trouble but was able to work out of it, thanks especially to a nice play by Mabry and Blanco at the plate and a timely groundout by Vizquel with the bases juiced in the fourth. Despite the streak the Cubs went into tonight only 6.5 back, miracles have happened before and that is exactly what we need now. Marshall tomorrow versus Jaimey Wright, another winnable game. Let’s go for two in a row Cubs fans!