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Game 22 Brewers 16-2 Winners

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Box Score

Note to ailing pitchers employed by the Chicago Cubs – Rusch back!
Oh well, as Lee Smith said it’s better to lose a blowout than 1-0.

It falls to me to recap this regrettable fiasco as Joe basks in the sun and surf of whatever exotic paradise he deemed worthy to occupy this weekend. I had to watch Glendon Rusch pitch his absolute worst game since who knows when, definitely this year. I thought after his last game, a loss to the Cardinals, he would straighten up. He didn’t.

The bullpen wasn’t any help. After yesterday’s solid effort by Howry, Eyre and Williamson, the Cubs looked hapless as they tried a different trio, Aardsma, Ohman and Novoa.

The sole bright spot was the 4-4 production from backups Bynum and Restovich.

And I thought Bob Brenly made an astute observation early in the game when he relayed that Juan Pierre could pick up Doug Davis’ grip on the ball and know when he would throw an off-speed pitch, making it easier to steal third base. I never thought about that before.

Shake it off, guys. Zambrano has one more chance to notch his first win before May Day.

Note: Derrek Lee will leave the team and go to his home to heal (rehab). Watching this club on a day like this has proven more painful than the wrist.