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April 2006



Game 18: Sometimes you just get lucky!!!

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BOX SCORE – There are times when you just need to take a win where you can get it and realize you didn’t deserve it. That was the case tonight against the fish. I almost turned the game off in the 7th. We were just getting taken to school by the Marlins in all aspects of the game. Vargas was pitching a gem and the hits we were getting, while right on the button, seemed to be right at someone or robbed by a great defensive play. It was getting frustrating. I came into the game fully expecting the Cubs to take advantage of the wildness of Vargas and jump all over him early. Instead, they waited until the end to pull some runs out of Jacque Jones butt for the win.

Game Notes

  • Todd Walker hit the ball hard all night and really should have been on base all four times to the plate.
  • Carlos Zambrano was striking out guys left and right. He pitched well after a shaky start in the first inning. It was nice to see him finally compose himself enough to throw strikes.
  • What was up with the back breaking by Zambrano. Someone needs to tell him that might be a bad idea when three of our pitchers are on the shelf.
  • Neifi Perez was not overly impressive tonight and I am beginning to wonder why Dusty has been Jerry Hairston reluctant. He is scheduled to start on Tuesday and Wednesday so hopefully he’ll make something happen.
  • Mike Winters called a great game behind the plate tonight. He was very consistent throughout.
  • Miguel Cabrera almost beat us by himself. He’s a machine.
  • The Marlins looks tremendous in the field today. For a young team, they made some great defensive plays.
  • Hanley Ramirez is going to be the real deal in this league. Watch out for him and get him now in your keeper leagues.
  • Jones comes through in a big way.
  • Ramirez needs to quit pressing so much. Relax, take a few walks and lead this team.

Not much else from me. It’s hard to find too many positives when we should have lost. I’ll take it though. We’ve got a tough assignment tomorrow in the D-Train.