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Game 16 Preview

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Starting Pitchers
    Record ERA WHIP Last Start Compare
Rusch 1-2 6.60 1.33 W Splits
Ponson 1-0 3.97 1.15 W Splits
Game Information
Game Time Television 2006 Cubs 2006 Cardinals Series
2:15 EDT Comcast 9-6 10-6 Cubs 3-1

Scouting Report on Sidney Ponson
So far, so good for Ponson as he attempts to rejuvenate his career with the Cardinals. Ponson wasn’t pleased with his mechanics, but delivered 6 1/3 innings and limited Cincinnati to two runs in his last start. Ponson’s big goal in his next start is to consistently get ahead in the count. That was something he failed to do against the Reds. (

When Ponson is pitching well, his fastball can reach 92-94 MPH, but he often works in the 90-92 range. One reason for the drop in velocity is a lack of conditioning that also affects his stamina. The key to his 2003 success was an improved slider. When he’s able to throw a sharp slider with good command, it helps set up his other pitches. He’s not afraid to throw inside to keep hitters off the plate. Ponson used to throw an average forkball, but recent elbow and shoulder woes have forced him to abandon the pitch. Without the forkball and the velocity he once had, he needs to keep the ball down in the strike zone to stay out of trouble. Poor control and pitches high in the zone were a problem in 2004.

Due to his large frame, Ponson is slow getting off the mound to field his position. When he reaches slow rollers in front of him, he handles them without problems. He is average in getting over to first base when the ball is hit to the first baseman. His move to first is deliberate and barely keeps hitters honest. (Fox Sports)

Weather Report

Temperature: 73o
Wind: 10 mph out to LF

Over / Under
Today’s over under is 3 HR given up by Rusch in his outing this afternoon.