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April 2006



So what do we do now?

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According to the Chicago Tribune, Derrek Lee will be out 2-3 months. He suffered two fractures, one each of the distal radial and ulnar bones and will be put in a cast. The Cubs are expected to announce a minor league callup on Friday.

So what do you do? Do you bring up Sing or Restovich? Do you go to Boston and acquire Hee-seop Choi or get another guy of that calibre? Do you try to make do with Walker and Mabry at first? How about moving Murton to first and bringing Pie up to play left? IMO “making do” with Walker and Mabry is not an option – I think Hendry has to make a move. When Lee gets back I’m sure we can use the extra bat, I’m not sold on Freddie Bynum anyway.