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Game 14: Which Flag Do We Fly?

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BOX SCORE – Sure, that win flag is flapping in this post, but I seriously debated flying both the win and the loss flag for obvious reasons. The Cubs mad a good comeback in the 8th inning last night but lost not only Derrek Lee, but also Scott Eyre on the same play. Lee had some X-Rays done but they seem to be inconclusive. Hopefully we’ll get a good report later today sometime. As for Eyre, he’ll take a few days off, which he should do anyway since he’s been pitching a lot and recover. These injuries couldn’t come at a worse time though. The team is playing well and the Cubs are traveling to St. Louis to face a team that is steaming from the Cubs sweep earlier in the year.

Here are some positives:

  • Ryan Dempster has now saved 23 straight and has not allowed a run in 31 and 1/3 innings. That’s a pretty wicked streak he has going.
  • Finally the west coast games are done. I fell asleep during a good part of last nights game so that would explain why my post is so short.
  • Sean Marshall is pitching OK, but he keeps teasing us with this over / under crap. 89 pitches, 86 pitches, for crying out loud Dusty let him throw like 5 more pitches.

I’ll end this post with a happy picture of my son who is now a little more than 3 months old.