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April 2006



Game 13 – Unlucky Number for the Cubs

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Box Score – It’s always tough to lose, but even tougher to lose like that. This game was right there for us to take and for one of the first times all year, we failed to take advantage of it. You can stand around at the water cooler today and blame Dusty Baker for bringing in Will Ohman in the 9th, but when you really get down to it, what other options did he really have? When you look at the pen last night, you see that the options were limited. The other option may have been to go with Scott Williamson, but with Lofton and Drew both hitting from the left side, Ohman was the logical choice. You can’t bash Ohman and say he’s trash when last year everyone was on the Ohman bandwagon. Give him some time to figure things out and I would bet you any money, he’ll get that ERA down where it needs to be by seasons end. Then, he’ll be big for us when we need him in October. Be patient with him and trust.

Derek Lowe was dealing tonight and the Cubs just could not touch him. If you want to blame someone for this loss, blame Lowe who was just awesome tonight. I don’t have much other than that to say. It’s a tough loss and we’ll come out better tomorrow night hopefully. I’ll be glad when this series is over so I don’t have to stay up so late.

Game Notes

  • Why would Derrek Lee’s grandparents name their son Leon? Derrek’s dad is named Leon and it just doesn’t sound right. Leon Lee sounds like a gay porn film if you ask me.
  • Is it just me or was it really annoying listening to the strikeout song they played each time a Dodger pitcher recorded a K. I’ve never been more sick of Queen in my entire life.
  • I was taking a look at David Aardsma on the Cubs website and noticed his player picture. This guy looks like he’s tripped out of acid or something. If i’m a hitter and I look out to the mound and see a guy making a facial expression like that, i’m ducking out of the way of every pitch because there is a very good chance he may be criminally insane.

Random Dose of Funny

I ran across this video cartoon short featuring GW Bush, K-Fed and Brittany Spears and My Space. It’s work looking at. It has to do with the fact that Bush is not popular with the people right now and decides to change that with the advice of Kevin Federline by getting a My Space page on the internet.