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Game 11 Recap: Cubs 7, Pirates 3

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I told you the bats would come out today. No matter how much people want to put this team down and be pessimistic, this baseball team is not bad. They have a legit chance at winning this division. Granted we’re playing 2 of the worst teams in the division, but we’re also without 2 of our top three starting pitchers. I think the two balance themselves out. I’ve been high on this team from the beginning and it will be that way all the way to October.

Box Score

Game Notes

  • The Cubs decided to go with David Aardsma instead of an OF to replace Pagan. That move coupled with the Jones pinch hit in the 9th leads me to believe Jacque is feeling better. Word out of Cubs camp is that he’ll be in the lineup Monday night in LA. For you Pie backers, hold your horses. The kid is not ready yet. Give him this season to finish polishing his game a little.
  • Todd Walker hit a HR today. Can we please put the platoon talk away?
  • Admit it, you never would have thought Glendon Rusch was capable of giving us a quality start. He’s not great, but it’s safe to say that he can be OK at times. Right now, he’s all we’ve got.
  • In the 1st inning, the Cubs did exactly what I would love to see them do every 1st inning. Pierre led off with a single. He stole a base, and then our 4th hitter, Ramirez, knocked him in. If he can get on an steal, there is no reason for us not to score that inning. We’d have 3 hitters who would only need a single.
  • I’m not sure if anyone was watching the Pirates broadcast of the game. I happened to because that was the feed on Extra Innings. During the game, they interviewed a Cub fan who caught two HR in the game today. One was Ramirez shot in the 6th. The other was Craig Wilson’s blast in the 6th. He promptly threw the Wilson HR back. That a boy!!!
  • The announcer for the Pirates went into an angry tirade after hearing the fan threw the Pirate baseball back. He went on and on about how he hated Wrigley Field and how he thought their traditions were stupid. It’s sad how you’ll talk about anything to keep the viewers of a bad baseball team from changing the channel. Have fun announcing your loser buccos all year you schmuck!!!
  • Rich Hill is pitching nicely down in AAA Iowa. He has a 1.38 ERA in 13 innings of work with a 16/1 K/BB ratio. It’s a shame AAA isn’t the majors. Hopefully Hill can transcend that success to the major league level sometime real soon. It sure would be nice to have the next Barry Zito on our staff.

Game 11 Last Year
The first paragraph of the write up for this game read “The Chicago Cubs have waited nearly two weeks for that one big hit or rally to jump start a slow-starting season. Maybe these two hits will do it.” Um, NO!!! The Cubs did play well against the Pirates in this game though and get the win by a score of 4-3.

Star of the Game – Ramirez (1-4 with 3 RBI)

2005 Record: 5-6