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Danger Will Robinson!

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Scott Williamson had to leave the game today after one batter – he accidentally hit that batter. It remains to be seen how serious this injury is; bear in mind that Williamson has had two Tommy John surgeries.

On an unrelated note, condolensces to the family and friends of Rahal Letterman driver Paul Dana, who died today during the IRL race in Homestead, FL. Paul was a resident of Indianapolis, IN and a graduate of Northwestern University.


I’m adding to this article because the AL East projections should rightfully be at the top of our page. But I still feel compelled to vent a little bit about what’s happening at Spring Training. First of all, I’m absolutely thrilled about the job that Sean Marshall is doing; let’s hope he breaks camp with Iowa and gets 1-2 starts in before being called up to fill the fifth starter spot. Angel Guzman pitched well the last time out and I think John Koronka has beat Michael Warts out of a job. I’ve had my fill of Wuertz and Wellemeyer, we need to drop those players like a bad habit.

But at the same time I’m starting to be a bit concerned about Juan Pierre. Until now I’ve kept my yap shut because Juan puts out 110% – but given last year’s rather mediocre results I’m starting to get real concerned about Pierre’s pathetic .200 average and .233 OBP. Juan, it’s time to step on the gas peddle and show us what you can do.

I’m also greatly concerned that a washed-up old grizzly old veteran, Marquis Grissom will make this club. To give a guy with a .200 batting average a spot over others that have fought for a roster spot and achieved better (Pagan and Restovich) would be a travesty. The Cubs need to give Grissom every at bat possible to redeem himself, then advise him to either retire or cut loose. Because his current level of performance is *not acceptable.* Let’s hope the Cubs management gets this right instead of sending the wrong message to the fans and players.