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Big Choi with the Bosox (well sorta)

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Today former Cubs prospect Hee-seop Choi was waived by the Los Angeles Dodgers and was claimed by the Boston Red Sox. Speculation has it that Choi will be optioned to Pawtucket and will be a backup option in the event that Youklis doesn’t pan out at first. This makes two top former Cub prospects (Choi and Bobby Hill) that have been put on the waiver wire this week.

I wish Big Choi only the best of luck – with his infectious smile and great attitude Hee-seop is one guy I really wish would catch fire for somebody. I’ll never forget the play at first for the Cubs where the ball got stuck in his glove – Hee-seop had the presence of mind throw his glove (ball and all) to the player covering first to record the out. Not the first time it’s been done but it was still impressive.

Some interesting career stats – despite a mediocre .240 batting average he’s still managed to record an OBP of .349. He has 40 homeruns and 120 RBIs in 363 major league games. A native of Chun-Nam South Korea, Choi has compiled a .992 career fielding percentage and last year was tied for second with Sean Casey.

Hangun bimnida Choi Hee-seop!