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Are you worried about the rotation in April?

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Most of you all know that I’ve been very concerned about the number three, four and five spots in the Cubs rotation during the month of April. My concern is that the Cubs could find themselves six games back going into May when (hopefully) Wood and Miller are ready to pitch 80-90 innings for us.

This week I wrote Carrie Muscat asking if she thought Jim Hendry would make a trade given the current shipwreck that is called our starting rotation. Her terse response was as follows: “Did you look at other teams that train in Arizona to see how their starters were doing?” This seemed to indicate to me that Ms. Muscat was not too worried about the situation. I also noticed today at that Dusty said he was “not too worried” about the performances of Glendon Rusch and Jerome Williams.

So maybe I’m wrong on this one – perhaps Spring Training performance shouldn’t be used as an indicator of how players will perform in April. What do you all think?

Also, Angel Pagan is hitting .346 2HR 4 RBI in Mesa – Marquis Grissom is hitting .229 0 HR 4 RBI. Angel is a stolen base threat; Grissom has veteran experience and is close to the Cubs manager. So which one do you send to Iowa to start the season? My instinct says you play the hot hand and send Marquis down. Both players have minor league contracts.