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March 2006



Soriano says ‘uncle’

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Today the Washington mini-drama ended when Alfonso Soriano manned his position. To most this was an expected move, although many of us would not have been surprised if Soriano had done the incomprehensible and refused to play. The net-net of all of this is that Soriano has ‘faced’ himself in front of all of baseball. To the fans he has appeared as a selfish player who wants to tell his team what he will and won’t do; to the team he has made himself appear stubborn and intransigent. I seriously doubt that they will be offering him a contract extension in the nation’s capitol.

But Soriano hurt himself more than he did anybody else. For years now people around baseball have talked about how questionable his defense has been – his apparent unwillingness to try another position makes him very suspect entering his free agent year. This year Soriano lost his arbitration case but will nonetheless earn $10 million. My advice to him would be to find an honest broker and invest it; if he wants to find out how the tides of baseball ebb and flow all he has to do is ask fellow Dominican Sammy Sosa.