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Who’s gonna pitch in April?

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Perhaps it’s time for the Cubs brass to make some modifications in it’s plans for this year’s starting rotation. Glendon Rusch (he of the 9.82 ERA) got slam-dunked yet again, this time by the Chisox – it really makes you wonder whose idea it was to give Rusch that nice contract. After all, this guy gave up 175 hits and 53 walks in 145 1/3 innings last year, so what did Hendry do? Gave him a two year contract with a pay raise. If Ozzie Guillen is the Wizard of Oz then Jim Hendry is the Scarecrow.

Since Rusch obviously can no longer pitch effectively now is the time to go out and get a bonafide starter. And the Cubs management needs to quit being tolerant of poor performers, Cubs players should obtain results or be traded. Let’s make a deal now.

Jerome Williams gave up four runs in the first today, his ERA stands at 9.00. There is still time to make a couple of moves.