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March 2006



Just tell us the truth

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Most of the regular posters here have been Cubs fans for many o’ twenty-four hours – I personally have been watching Cubs baseball since 1968 when I was a fifth grader growing up in suburban Clarendon Hills, IL. We’ve been through thick and thin as Cubs fans but I think most of us would agree that the past few years have been somewhat more frustrating than even the terrible decade of the 70s.

To have had the possibility of greatness dangled in front of our eyes only to be snatched away by fate has not been easy. So it was with a great deal of alacrity today that most of us found out that Mark Prior is indeed injured after all. Many of us have commented about how unusual it seemed that Prior was still doing towel drills in mid-March; the reassuring words of the management did little to assuage our growing apprehension as we watched one of our cornerstone players do little to nothing to get ready for the upcoming season.

And so it was today that the cat got out of the bag. It appears that all of a sudden Prior has developed some soreness in his pitching shoulder and because of this sudden soreness will visit one of the most preeminent orthopaedic specialists in the country. Said Chicago GM Jim Hendry: “It’s unfortunate…the first time he’s ever complained of discomfort since we got here [in spring camp] is today. It will be perceived any way people want to perceive it…”

Well here’s how I perceive it Mr. Hendry – it’s more of the same. The same line that we’ve been getting about our pitchers for over two years. If you have apprehensions, why not be candid? We are grownups for the most part, we can handle it. Perhaps it is true this time – perhaps the Cubs were indeed handling Prior with kid gloves for no logical reason. But I would be seriously remiss if I were to say that I trusted you Mr. Hendry, I feel like you’ve let us all down once more. You could have gotten more pitching in the offseason, there were plenty of guys available.