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Something doesn’t add up…

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Dusty Baker says:

“I wasn’t aware of (Greg Anderson dispensing drugs to Barry Bonds) because I don’t condone the use of steroids. I’ve got a little boy 7 years old, and I want to protect him and all kids…I didn’t have any clue. I thought he was Barry’s weight trainer. He was given the OK from upstairs. What are you going to do when he was given the OK from upstairs?”

Sports Illustrated says:

“The Giants training staff wanted nothing to do with Bonds’ three trainers and urged management to ban them from the clubhouse, according to a source familiar with the conversation. The Giants had unofficial background check done on Bonds’ trainers and learned that World Gym was known as a place to score steroids and that Anderson himself was rumored to be a dealer.”

So which is it Dusty? DId you not know that Anderson was a steroid dealer, or were you prevented from doing anything by management? I realize it was the training staff that complained to the front office, but something tells me you knew about their complaints. I mean you were so close with one of the trainers on that staff (Dave Groeschner) that you had the Cubs hire him prior to the 2004 season. Baker’s denial is sad. And he’s only going to get more questions about Bonds as Barry gets closer to the all time home run record. Combine this PR nightmare with a slow start for the Cubs, and Dusty may not be around very long in 2006.

  • Mark

    I like your thinking but my gut tells me otherwise. These guys don't act like a business – they're playing CYA games for each other. It's three guys watching out for "the team," that being MacPhail, Hendry and Baker. The only thing that will break up the triumvirate is if Dusty senses enough antipathy and decides it's too hot in the Chicago kitchen.