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February 2006



Did Hendry Make a Mistake?

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As the rumors last year were flying that Dusty Baker was on his way out, Jim Hendry quietly made no such move. There were speculations on managers like Grady Little, Bob Brenly, Uncle Lou Pinella, and even Joe Girardi. I mentioned in a comment section of one of the posts that I really liked Joe Girardi. I thought he was a good leader and will never forget the time he had to announce the death of Daryle Kile to thousands of angry fans who wanted a game to begin.

This season Joe Girardi, who has no big league manager experience, will be molding and shaping the young Florida Marlins. I caught this article awhile back and it made me wonder if maybe Hendry made a mistake after all. Sure I harped on Joe for having the facial hair policy, but now here he is working the guys butts off in spring training. Normally that wouldn’t sound so revolutionary, but then you have to catch the part where it says that he runs the foul poles right along with the players. At 41, Joe isn’t exactly an old fart. He’s leading by example and I think that is the only way to lead.

Here are some highlights of the full article:

With temperatures in the 80s on Tuesday, Marlins pitchers lined up for one of the most grueling drills of spring training: “running poles,” a series of 14 sprints across the outfield grass from foul pole to foul pole.

That’s when left-hander Scott Olsen looked over at manager Joe Girardi and said with a sneer, “Why don’t you run with us?”

In the clubhouse a few minutes later, Olsen wrapped a cold towel around his head and marveled at how Girardi, 41, outpaced many players.

“He ran, like, 12 poles and he wasn’t even fazed,” Olsen, 22, said. “He might have run more than 14. I ran my 14 and got out.”