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February 2006



Stupid should hurt

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Well I’ve got to give Hendry credit on this one. A fair number of people disagreed with Hendry’s dumping of Corey Patterson – you can call it what you will but that’s what it was. If either of the guys the Cubs got for Patterson amount to a hill of beans then I’m going to become the Pope o’ Rome. But I liked the trade because two slim chances were better than no chance at all.

Now that Corey is comfortably situated in his new environs he’s begun to speak a little about his time in Chicago and where he intends to go in an O’s uniform. Corey blamed part of his failure in Chicago on all the advice he received. According to Corey he tried incorporating all of the advice he was getting and his willingness to do that degraded his performance even further (Mastrick snorts derisively at the deliberate distortion of the facts – Patterson consistently refused to listen to the Cubs coaches!)

When asked about the approach he plans to take with the Orioles, Patterson was simple and forthright: “I pretty much just stick to my strengths — know myself and go from there…basically, what it comes down to is you wait for a pitch in your zone. If you get it, try to take advantage of it. If you swing at a bad pitch, you swing at a bad pitch…you can’t worry about it, because if you do that, you’re not focusing on the next pitch. And that’s what it comes down to.”

Later Patterson was asked about his low walk totals and this is how he responded: “I don’t even pay attention to that stuff. I just play the game, and that’s all you can do,” he said. “The numbers will be there at the end. Some of the people that walk may get on base, but they can’t steal and end up clogging the bases. Sure, you want to get on base, but there are a lot of different ways to look at it. The main thing is knowing yourself and knowing your strengths.”

Sorry folks but that fella is dumber than a box o’ rocks. I hope he banks the $2.8M he gets paid this year because I see a beer truck in Corey’s future.