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One of my favorite things about baseball is how you can compare basically every player in the league based on their stats. No other team sport can you really do that as effectively as in baseball. As we get ready to get into the meat of Spring Training, I’d like to put together a series on various stats that are not considered common. My goal is to establish the purpose of these stats as well as to provide you with a benchmark for evaluating what would be considered an exceptional, above average, average and bad performance. For example, most people understand the basics on batting average. It’s generally considered a good season if you put up an average above .300. However, when we get to stats like Slugging %, On Base %, OPS, etc., most people fall short in their ability to translate or decode those statistics. My goal is to provide you with not only a quick tutorial, but also a quick reference for when you want to come back to it.

With all that being said, I’d like to get your requests for some common stats or not so common stats that you would like to be better informed on. I will do my best to help out with as many as possible. Just leave your suggestions in the comment section. The series will probably run in the latter half of March and will be followed by our season preview articles.