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February 2006



Blue collar, baby

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I like a good work ethic. My father taught me to show up to work fifteen minutes early. He called it Lombardi Time – if you showed up ten minutes early you were late. So I appreciate it when I see athletes putting in their work in the offseason or others who show up early to training camp. So here’s my Cubs 2006 Blue Collar Team thusfar:

CF Juan Pierre – From what I read this guy kept a strict workout regimen during the offseason and kept himself in tip-top shape for his Cubs debut. I expect big things out of this guy provided he gets protection from the #2 hitter.

2B/CF Jerry Hairston – Hairston appears to have rehabbed his ankle (not an easy thing to do if you’ve ever messed one up) and should be off to the races in the battle for second base. He also showed up to camp one week early.

SP/RP Glendon Rusch – Glendon didn’t want to wait for workouts to start; he arrived at camp on Wednesday and immediately began throwing off a mound. I like the attitude!

RF Jacque Jones – Jacque showed up a week early too; he’s making a positive impression on me because he’s trying to fit in and at the same time telling us how he wants to improve. I will be ecstatic if he hits in the .290s this year because this guy seems to love having landed in Wrigley Field.

SP Kerry Wood – Enough has been said about Woody in previous posts but he threw off a mound for the first time the day he hit training camp and has stuck to a rehab regimen throughout the offseason. I wish Kerry only the best of luck – what can I say, I like the guy.

SS Ronny Cedeno – Ronny’s the captain of my Blue Collar Team. He finished on the DL with broken hand bones. He went straight to winter ball where he was a top ten hitter in his league and then showed up to spring training three days early. This guy gives you everything he’s got and I will be absolutely elated if he wins his position against Neifi and does a kick-butt job as our number two hitter behind Pierre. If he and Juan can develop a rapport like Sandberg and Dernier did Lord help the other defenses!