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February 2006



He gone…sorta

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According to ESPN and Fox Sports, close confidantes of His Samminess report that the Sultan of Sulk has decided to retire. Said agent Adam Katz: “We’re not going to put him on the retirement list…[we] decided that [not putting him on that list] was the best thing to do. But I can say, with reasonable certainty, that we’ve seen Sammy in a baseball uniform for the last time.”

Katz went on further to elaborate by saying that: “[It] basically came down to this: He has such high expectations for himself, and last year was absolute misery for him, the way he underperformed. Sammy just didn’t want to put himself through the possibility of going through something like that again. He still thinks he can do it. But there’s some doubt there.”

Well if there’s some doubt then it is indeed time to hang ’em up. Unfortunately for Sammy he will leave the game with bridges smoking behind him. His retirement hasn’t been caused so much by a degradation in his play (although that certainly played a part.) The big reason for his exit before the curtain call was that no team in the league wanted Sammy in their clubhouse. In this writer’s opinion, Sammy didn’t honor the game, it will be curious to see if the game eventually honors him.