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February 2006



More chutzpah from Carrie

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In this week’s “Cubs mailbox” Carrie Muscat gives us another interesting piece of information. Says Carrie: “[Neifi Perez] also hit .280 in the No. 2 spot in the order, and was second in the NL in fielding percentage.”

Hold your horses for just a second. Second in the NL in fielding percentage? For what, NL bench utility players born in the Dominican Republic? Here’s Neifi’s stats for 2005, courtesy of Shortstop – .982 in 1063.3 innings. 2B – .975 in 160 innings. 3B – 1.000 in 6 innings. Now those aren’t atrocious numbers but I wouldn’t exactly classify them as “second in the NL” either…

Reading the “mailbox” occasionally reminds me of an experience I had as a sophomore at Vanderbilt. I heard that it was real easy to BS a particular economics professor on essay questions. Then one day I got a test back from the professor with a big fat “D” on the top and an admonishment that said: “Next time use a bigger shovel.”