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February 2006



Is Sammy a 2006 version of Rodney Dangerfield?

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Reports are that Sammy might retire instead of taking a $500,000 contract with Washington; apparently the Nationals are the only team interested in him. According to “Sammy doesn’t think of himself as someone who has to beg for a spot on a big-league roster…he feels that the lack of interest in his services constitutes a humiliation.”

Give me a break…His Samminess “don’t get no respect?” I’m glad they used the word “humiliation” because humility is one personal attribute that Sosa doesn’t have.


Also from Rotoworld:

Nationals GM Jim Bowden has told that Sammy Sosa has rejected his club’s one-year, $500,000 offer.
Sosa wanted at least $1 million to sign with the team, but Bowden was not willing to increase the offer. “We respect Sammy and what he has accomplished in the game,” Bowden said. “We wish him well and hope that he is able to come back and perform like he did a couple of years ago. As long as he is not in our division, we’ll be rooting for him to win Comeback Player of the Year.” He’d have to find another team with any interest at all in employing him for that to happen. The Nationals are likely better off without him. Feb. 15 – 1:17 pm et

And so apparently ends an era, His Samminess appears to be done at 37.