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February 2006



Faith in Hendry?

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Sometimes it’s fun to look back at previous writing and see how your opinion has changed over the years. After 2003, everyone was on not only the Cubs bandwagon, but the Jim Hendry bandwagon. People wrote columns about why Jim Hendry was the best GM in baseball and everyone was buzzing about the upcoming World Series appearance that the Cubs were bound to be making. Even Sports Illustrated picked the Cubs to win it all.

Now, as the Cubs have failed to meet expectations over the past two seasons, Bryan from the Baseball Analysts takes a look back at what he wrote about Hendry. It’s an interesting look back and one that I think is dead on. His main premise is that Hendry is still one of the five best GM’s in the league when it comes to making trades, but one of the worst when it comes to managing the 40 man roster, losing players to the Rule 5 draft, and off season free agency.

Here are some of the highlights of the article.

Like his manager, Hendry enters the 2006 season in a place where no one would have thought just a year and a half ago: on the hot seat. Recently, I had a reader e-mail me asking for updated thoughts on Jim Hendry. “My question is, do you still feel the same about him? He’s not looking that smart anymore,” the reader questioned. Today we’ll breakdown the last two winters to see if Hendry has indeed taken a step back as a General Manager.

Jim Hendry has never traded away a prospect worthy of any real value in the end. In fact, in almost every trade he has made, he gets the better end of the bargain. Eighteen months later, I still think that Hendry is one of the five best GM’s in the game at making trades.

This year could be the make or break year for Jim Hendry. I really think that if he does not show something this season, it could be the end of the line. The fact that he has not been extended to this point has to be a clue that McPhail is watching.