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Well it’s news to me

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I vaguely recall Milo Hamilton’s time as a broadcaster for the Cubs – in my timeline he was somewhere before Stoney and after Lloyd Petit. Apparently this time period is still very vivid in Milo’s mind as he takes Cubs icon Harry Carey to task in his new book entitled “Making Airwaves: 60 years at Milo’s Microphone.” Milo depicts Harry as a pompous arse topped with a liberal dose of arrogance. ”He rode managers. He rode players,” wrote Hamilton. “It didn’t matter. He treated everyone the same way. In short, he was a miserable human being.”

It’s curious that Milo waited all this time to speak his mind. I’ve never regarded Harry as a saint but it’s surely the first time I’ve seen him depicted as the devil. Hamilton went on further to indicate that there were problems with other members of the Cubs family as well. In fact the only person in the entire organization he had anything good to say about was longtime Cubs producer Arne Harris. Well, who couldn’t get along with Arne?

I’m sure that Harry gave Milo some reason to be hurt – he portrays Harry to be a vindictive man. But the vituperative manner in which Hamilton trashes Harry’s memory makes it clearly evident who the real vindictive character was. I didn’t think much when Milo left town, he never really had any emotion or excitement in his voice when he called his games. But now that I look at it parenthetically I’m glad the Cubs clipped this guy before he bored generations of Cubs fans the way he has done Astros fans. Sorry that Harry wasn’t the best pal to you Milo, as an announcer you couldn’t hold Harry’s jockstrap.

This isn’t newsworthy enough to be a post, but it does involve a former Cub. Fresh off the wire from is speculation that Sammy is perhaps less than likely to sign with the Nats (thanks to Rotoworld for the heads up.) Is this Sammy’s Swan Song or is he playing chicken just before he swerves away and takes the offer? Methinks the latter – Sammy is addicted to the headlines, perhaps he’ll swallow his pride and do what coaches have been telling him for three years now…either that or he gets cut by Washington and leaves baseball as a shadow of His Samminess.