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February 2006



Joe isn’t the only one talking to broadcasters!

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Len Kasper gave all of us readers a chance to lob a question or two his way and your humble correspondent chimed in.

Do you and Bob feel any pressure to rebound this year after the WGN ratings took a freefall last year? (You didn’t think all your questions would be softballs, did you?)

Posted by Tommy at February 2, 2006 07:31 AM

LEN: Hi Tommy, no, I expected them to be all “baseballs.” OK, it’s been a long off-season I know…I need to work on my corny humor. On your main question, ratings aside, I felt really good about our first year in the booth. Bob is such a pro and is as knowledgeable and witty as anyone I’ve been around and just made my first year so enjoyable. We have an awesome crew who brought us in with open arms. I just really felt like things were comfortable from the get-
go. And I’m so pumped about year 2 coming up, we’re going to have a lot of fun. I should note that it was very important to me that we established that we knew what we were doing last year. I wanted to ease into the job and not try to do too much early on. A transition like the one in the TV booth is a big deal for fans and I have so much respect for the position and the fans that I wanted to be cautious in my approach. I think if you watched all season you
probably noticed we opened the throttle a little bit more in the second half and “let our hair down” so to speak. My hope is that by the end of the year you felt like you you kind of knew Bob and me a little better and what we’re all about.

On the ratings, I can’t answer that one. My hope is that we didn’t turn people away last year, but who really knows. I do know that if the Cubs win 95 games this year, more people will watch. And no, I will not take any credit for that (I’m serious about that). Tommy, my guess is that baseball ratings are driven by and large by the club’s performance. Bob and I and our crew will do EVERYTHING we can to make the games informative and entertaining and we’ll work as hard
as we can to do our best. Beyond that, the rest is out of our hands. More directly to your question, no, I don’t feel pressure to rebound from anything because I’m proud of our work. Thanks for your question. Feel free to post a reply.