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Friday Morning Musings

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As you know, the offseason in baseball is one of the hardest times to maintain a website. Even the Cubs homepage struggles to get meaningful content up on a consistent basis. With that being said, i’d like to muse on a few other stories from around the sports world.

Tiger Woods shoots 66 – Normally, this would not be a big story to me, even though I like golf. What makes me laugh about the tournament that Woods is playing in though is the fact that his payment for appearing is more than the entire purse for the tournament. That’s when you know you’re bigtime. When you make more than all the other golfers playing combined and all you had to do was show up. In my mind, Tiger deserves every bit of the money. He’s the most dominating playing on the tour today.

As I watched the final day of the tournament last week, you could see the reaction of Olazabal change when he saw that Tiger would be a part of the playoff. It’s as if guys feel they have a shot when Tiger isn’t a part of the mix. Once he’s in, the whole dynamic changes. Suddenly, their chances of winning go way down. In addition, the TV ratings soar when Tiger is making a run on day 4. For that, pay him and let the world see him in action.

Maryland gets stomped by North Carolina’s Heels – What has happened to Maryland lately? At one point, they were probably the 3rd best team in a tough ACC. Now, with two straight losses, this latest one at home against an inexperienced Tar Heel team, you have to wonder if they are a legit team in the ACC or if they were merely pretending. Things don’t get much easier for them as they head to Raleigh to play NC State and then Duke not more than a week later. It’s put up or shut up time for the Terps.

Owners 1 – Players 0 – The Colorado Rockies defeated Sunny Kim in the first case of the year. What makes me laugh is the two figures. Kim was asking for $800K and the Rockies were offering $600K. Kim had an alright year, when you factor in the fact that he pitched in Coors. He went 6-3 with a 4.90 ERA in 10 starts and 14 appearences out of the pen. It just seems silly to let it go all the way to arbitration over that.

Gotta learn your metrics – If you’re not a sabermetrician, but you’d like to learn, then check out the article in the Hardball Times today. In it, they discuss five defensive sabermetric stats and what their value is. It’s definitely worth the read. The writer has his own stats blog which is called Statistically Speaking

That’s all I’ve got. Enjoy your day. Just a little more time till Spring Training!!