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February 2006



My Top 3 Hated Baseball Players

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Yesterday I asked you to chime in on who you could not stand in the Majors these days. This was a response to GQ article that listed the 10 most hated athletes in sports. Here are my top 3 and a brief reason why.

1. Barry Bonds – This is an obvious one. He’s arrogant and believes the world revolves around him. He has used the cream and that alone, in my mind, makes him someone I cannot stand.

2. Robert Fick – When he went in hard to first base and nearly took off the arm of Karros, that sealed his fate with me. He is a tool.

3. Pedro Martinez – I can’t stand his arrogance and obnoxiousness. When he took on Don Zimmer and threw him down, that was what did it for me.