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Compare and contrast

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Hopefully by now most of you have had a chance to listen to Joe Aiello’s interview with Pat Hughes. Pat stuck his neck out a little and had some interesting things to say in this interview, so it’s a ‘must listen’ if you haven’t done so already. Please see the article immediately before this one if you have not.

Let’s compare and contrast Pat’s incisive style to another journalist, one who happens to write for Here’s what Carrie Muscat had to say about Jacque Jones in her current article entitled Mailbag: Right time for Miller time?

Pierre, Jones and Murton probably won’t keep the ballhawks outside Wrigley Field’s bleachers happy, though Jones (who bats righty) won’t have to watch well-hit balls land in what he dubbed “Death Valley” — the left-center-field area at the Metrodome in which a lot of his extra-base hits were caught.

Bats righthanded? If Jacque Jones “bats righty” then I’m Santa Claus. C’mon Carrie, do your homework.

Thanks again to Joe for a great interview with Pat Hughes, one that Cub fans should certainly take a moment to listen to.


The Cubs have avoided arbitration with Jerry Hairston by signing him to a one year deal worth $2.3 million.