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January 2006



A quiet move that made loud sense

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The Cubs announced that they have hired the services of baseball up n’ comer Tim Wilken to be their new Scouting Director. Not much fanfare was associated with the fact that former Cubs Scouting Director John Stockstill has left the organization to take a similar position with the Orioles.

Well here’s my take, this acquisition is going to take a while to bear fruit but it should greatly benefit the Cubs. Nothing against Mr. Stockstill but the Cubs top draft picks generally have not moved through the progression to the major leagues. Every year Baseball America and Fantasy Baseball Fantastics come out with ‘top 50 prospects’ lists and the Cubs never seem to have more than two guys on these lists. So what gives? This is an organization that has emphasized over and over it’s commitment to acquiring and developing talent.

IMO the problem has been in the selection criteria the Cubs use to draft talent; this became especially evident after the team’s 2005 draft. One quality lefthanded pitching prospect and the rest of ’em will never see two years’ service in the majors combined. And that is probably why Mr. Stockstill took a lateral move to Baltimore.

Best of luck to Tim Wilken, he had a great track record choosing talent at Toronto. And thanks to the Cubs brass for having the good sense to realize they had a problem in this area.