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How can you justify it?

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Sure, the Cubs signed Wade Miller. Blah blah. You’ve read it on 9,000 sites already, so why am I going to post about something that has already been said. With that in mind, let me turn your attention to my second love, college basketball.

This past weekend, all three remaining unbeatens lost. On the same day, I might add. When the polls came out this week, who is now at the top? The UConn Huskies? How is Duke, who has clearly been the best team in the nation all year not still number 1? How can a loss against a tough Georgetown team, in which Duke fought back from a double digit hole, knock them down a notch? When you can explain that to me, let me know. Thank God that the polls in basketball are meaningless other than for a matter of pride.

Important Note: – I hate the Duke Blue Devils with a passion, so this doesn’t not upset me. It simply makes me confused as to WHY?

In other news, the referees gave out a technical foul in a game this weekend to a coach who fainted after a call against his team. Apparently the refs thought he was trying to show them up. However, how can you justify NOT taking the call back when the guy doesn’t get up and has to be carted off the court receiving medical attention? It just doesn’t make sense.

Now, Conference USA is blasting the Refs for the decision.