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January 2006



Respect for the game

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Today’s Rotoworld reported that “Barry Bonds plans to tells Giants manager Felipe Alou that he doesn’t want to bat second this year.” Recently we’ve all seen where Soriano has told the Nats that he will not play in the outfield, and of course we all remember the hissy fit that Sosa threw about being batted lower in the Cubs order (after telling everybody that it was really okay.)

This is exactly what’s wrong with many of today’s stars. It seems we’ve got a certain number of players with heads the size of basketballs who tell their teams what they will and won’t do. Whatever happened to the days when the manager called the shots? What ever happened to the day when the player said ‘yes sir’ and followed his orders? Some of these so-called stars can hit thunderous homeruns but fail miserably at other aspects of the game. Soriano in particular is almost laughable at second – as Steve Stone would probably say, ‘he has the hands of a sturgeon.’

Ryne Sandberg felt the same way, in his induction speech he said: “When did it become okay for someone to hit home runs and forget how to play the rest of the game?” He went on further to say that “learning how to bunt and hit and run and turning two is more important than knowing where to find the little red light at the dug out camera.”

And that is exactly what’s wrong with today’s class of superstars. They don’t respect the game the way guys like Ryno did, I’m not even sure that they respect themselves.