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GirlieView (11/27/2009)

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Really wish some exciting Cubs things would start happening, I’m bored. I’ve got nothing to talk about. And, apparently neither do you … not even giving a Lizard this week as there were so few comments to choose from.

But, I did find some amusing little ditties:


  • Have fun down at Boca Vista where they dispense Viagra out of vending machines in the bingo room.
  • It’s desert vs. swamp in a no-holds barred schmoozefest.
  • Looks to me like whoever built the signs had some Home Depot gift cards leftover from last Christmas.
  • Here is the breakdown of this elite club of suck.

Have a great week. Next week maybe I’ll make a VFTB crossword puzzle to keep our minds sharp while we wait for some action. Til then …

  • Seymour Butts

    The reason there are few and far comments is just what you suspect, inactivity on the Cub front.
    We must either remain silent, make stuff up, or go off topic.

    How about we talk turkey about Tiger. When he makes like a professional athlete on a road trip, his wife does not ask for a 4 million dollar ring, she pulls out a 9 iron and goes medieval on his heine, face, and SUV. Over reaction, or just deserts? you make the call. It just goes to prove that for every gorgeous person out there, there is somebody who is tired of having sex with them.

  • dat_cubfan_daver

    Ha, glad you liked a couple of my lines! I just posted a bunch more.