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Questions for Hughes

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Alright guys, I am getting ready for my annual offseason interview with Pat Hughes. He called me today to ask when I’d like to interview him and I told him it would be at the end of the month. So, that gives you this week to let me know some of the questions and topics you would like to see me ask him. If you haven’t listened to last year’s interview, it is a good listen. So, if you have some you’d like to get in, e-mail me, catch me on AIM or leave it in the comment section.

On an unrelated note, I noticed this in an article the other day on Fox Normally I would not nit pick, and I have great respect for Ken Rosenthal, but this error made me chuckle.

The Cubs are intent on improving their defense, which is one reason they’re open to trading second baseman Todd Walker. The problem with moving Walker is that would cost the Cubs too much offense. Walker’s .789 career on-base percentage is 84 points higher than Jerry Hairston’s and 108 points higher than Neifi Perez’s. The Cubs conceivably could keep all three players and use Hairston as a super-utility man who could contribute in the infield and spell each of their outfielders.

Todd Walker gets on base 78% of the time? Hairston gets on 70%? And Neifi gets on at just under a 70% clip? Goodness that is some production. Poor Ken Rosenthal actually meant that Walkers OPS, which is On Base plus Slugging % was that high. It’s OK, it’s always nice to dream.